Breastfeeding – Watery breastmilk

When I saw my breast milk for the first time it looked watery and sort of blue. Can that really be nourishing enough for my baby?

Just as the volume of milk is linked to your baby’s needs, so the composition of milk matches baby’s needs too. Baby’s thirst is first quenched by the production of the more watery fore milk. Perhaps this is the milk you saw.

Once the baby has sucked for a time, you will be producing a much richer and more nourishing milk, called hind milk. This is why it is vital to feed for long enough on each breast, because the hind milk has more protein, fat and kilojoules and provides the real food your baby needs. Your breast should be well drained before you change the baby to the other side.

Remind yourself that your milk is perfect for your baby. Keeping a log of frequency and length of feeds can help to reassure you. Coupled with at least eight really wet nappies a day, and a baby who is gaining weight steadily, should help you feel that your baby is getting all the nourishment required.

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