Breastfeeding – Medication

I have got a bad flu but am not sure if I can take flu medication and painkillers when I am breastfeeding?

Your baby is influenced less by what you ingest when you are breastfeeding than when you were pregnant. Having said this, a very small amount of any substance you swallow is likely to get through to your baby, so caution is required.

Your baby needs you to get well, so you need to take the medication to facilitae this. Carefully read the packing or insert of any medication to assess if there is a risk for your baby. Ask your pharmacist or doctor to advise you when selecting a medication. The vast majority of medication will not adversely affect your milk or baby, but this is not a skill that you can be expected to have, so in this area rather err on the side of caution and consult a trusted expert before taking any short term medication.

If you become extremely ill with a condition which requires drugs known to be detrimental to your baby, you may be advised to discontinue breastfeeding for the duration of the treatment. It is possible to express milk during this time if you wish to recommence breastfeeding at the completion of the medication. Again this is an issue you must thoroughly discuss with your doctor.

If you are any type of long-term medication then it is vital that you and your doctor discuss how safe your medication is during breastfeeding. Hopefully you will already have made your doctor aware of the situation during your pregnancy and will have all the relevant knowledge already. But if this is not the case then you need to urgently address this issue with him.

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