Breastfeeding – Mother’s Stress

I am quite a stressed kind of person, used to the fast moving corporate world. Although I want to do the best for my baby I wonder if I will be able to sit still long enough to breastfeed?

When you breastfeed, your body produces the hormone oxytocin, which has a very relaxing effect on you. This is enables the let-down reflex to occur, so that the milk in your breasts is released for your baby to drink. You may be amazed at your ability to relax while you do this very important work! It is important to give it a try as the benefits for your baby are enormous.

Give yourself the best chance of succeeding by feeding in a quiet spot and make sure you are comfortably seated before beginning. Focus on the feeding and on your baby in the beginning until you are familiar with all aspects of the process. Once you are confident you may be able to do a bit of reading while feeding, but keep in mind that some babies do not take kindly to this! If you are able to read this may be a special time in your life, interacting with your baby and managing to catch up with your reading at the same time. Watching television and talking on the phone are really not recommended.

If, having given breastfeeding a try for at least six weeks, you still feel that it is too difficult for you, then you can slowly change to bottle feeding with a clear conscience that you have done your best, and that your baby’s immune system has benefited from your efforts.

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