Breastfeeding – Let-down Reflex

What is the weird feeling I get in my breasts as the baby starts feeding?

The let-down sensation that occurs as you start feeding means that everything is on track. The milk you have produced now has to be released into the ducts so that it is available for the baby to drink. When you first start to feed this can be quite an intense feeling. Some women describe it as uncomfortably like pins and needles, while for others it is a warm feeling or a drawing sensation. Initially it can take several minutes for the let-down to occur, but as time passes you will begin to notice that the reaction is quicker until it seems almost instantaneous. You may also experience let-down in the breast which the baby is not feeding on, and it may be a good idea to keep a towel handy when feeding early on.

Once breast feeding is well established the sensation of let-down will be much less pronounced and let-down will occur very quickly when you start feeding.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your let-down reflex, it may be purely a factor of stress. Relaxing is vital to the breastfeeding process. So take some time for yourself, rest when the baby is sleeping ( You have the rest of your life to get the house back in order, but only these precious times to feed your baby. Try to enjoy it more and worry less) Feed in a quiet and private place, play relaxing background music, and generally investigate techniques that work for you in the relaxation field. Severely limiting your alcohol intake while getting feeding established can be helpful.

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