Breastfeeding – Milk Consistency

Is breast milk similar to formula, all the same consistency?

One of the amazing attributes of breast milk is that it is designed to fulfill your baby’s needs. So the initial milk, called foremilk, is watery and designed to quench baby’s thirst. As the baby suckles and triggers the let-down reflex, the richer hind milk is released which satisfies the baby’s hunger and keeps the baby content for longer. The calories, protein and fat that the baby needs to thrive are contained in this hind milk and thus it is essential to feed until each breast is emptied. Changing the baby over to the second breast too quickly can mean that the baby gets mainly foremilk. Since it is less satisfying and less nourishing than hind milk, the risk is that the baby is full but does not get the nourishment required and does not stay full for long. This can lead to a difficult situation in which you are frequently feeding a baby who seems constantly dissatisfied. The simple act of feeding on one side until the breast feels empty can go a long way to resolving this problem.

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