Breastfeeding – Simplicity

Won’t breastfeeding make my life complicated?

More breast milk bonuses: it is free and comes in a sterile container and has a strong convenience factor. Sucking on the nipple offers comfort to the baby and is the optimum exercise for creating a strong mouth. As a mom you will be forced to take a break when you sit and feed, and that rest will benefit both you and the baby. Since you can just feed the baby immediately when there is a demand, the night time feeds are easier. Babies who are breast fed have been shown to have less nappy rash, less propensity to be overweight later in life, and have slightly higher IQ’s.

For mom there are bonuses too, since breast feeding encourages the uterus to contract back to its former size, and, as you are burning a considerable number of kilojoules to make this milk, you will get back into shape more quickly. You may have to take care to avoid foods such as cabbage and curry, although this does not apply to all babies. You also have to make sure that you rest and take excellent care of yourself, since breastfeeding can be hard work. But the special bond you develop with your baby should more than compensate for this!

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