Month 6: (Week 23 – 27) – A tum with lots of baby action

Is this baby going to be a soccer player?

The baby will weigh almost a kilo by the end of this period and is extremely busy inside you, kicking, grasping, sucking, hiccupping. It is important to keep checking the baby’s movements during this time – ten movements in one hour means that all is well. (See normal baby movement – what to expect) Since the baby is quite large and very strong now, you can expect some quite hefty kicks, but while they may feel unpleasant there is very little possibility of the baby actually injuring you.

Prepare your mind for B Day

Now that the baby has made its presence known so definitely, it is very important to register for antenatal classes. There are a large number of benefits to this. You will mix with other pregnant women and hear that their thoughts and fears are probably not that different to yours. You can share your stories about heartburn and swollen feet with a group of people who KNOW what you are talking about. And you can get educated about the birth process. Your doctor will recommend classes that he/she feels give you the correct preparation. The women you meet in these classes will often end up being your support network for the next few years as you all find you way though the maze of motherhood!

And Dad comes too

Once you have found a class which you enjoy, its time to register for the childbirth classes, ideally as a couple. It is important for both of you to learn any skills you can that will lessen your apprehension about labour and improve your chances of accomplishing the birth that you visualise for yourself and your baby. Labour and birth are probably the most demanding events you will ever encounter and your preparation is vital. Attending these classes will also equip your man with a better understanding of the processes through which you are going. He will also gain some valuable knowledge about what he can do to help you through the birth process.

Get realistic about the birth

It’s vital to accept at this time that there is no such thing as failure if the outcome of the birth process is a healthy baby and mother. A caesarean birth or forceps delivery are as much a success story as a short drug free labour if that’s what is required for the delivery of your precious bundle. The psychological aspect of labour and birth are an integral part of the whole experience and that is why antenatal classes are vital. You should be able to approach the imminent birth with nothing more than healthy apprehension, and you should be able to feel afterwards, like millions of mothers before you, that you had the skills to cope with anything that arose.

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*Important : The information provided is for information purposes only. No medical diagnosis or prescription can be inferred or is implied. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

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