Month 4: (14-17 weeks) The second trimester

Things are a little easier

You may be one of the lucky women who find this middle period of the pregnancy easier: the exhaustion and nausea may diminish, you are not running to the toilet every few minutes and you may be getting used to the idea of motherhood. But once again remember there are a huge range of normal symptoms during pregnancy: for a few women the nausea is just starting and there are the unlucky ones who experience morning sickness through the whole 40 weeks. Digestion problems such as constipation, heartburn and bloating are common and may be a contributory factor in the insomnia that plagues many women during pregnancy. Be assured that insomnia will not harm your baby and that you are probably getting more sleep than you realise. Try out various techniques to help you fall asleep such as gentle exercise during the day and a quiet evening routine. Hopefully you do have an established exercise routine as the appropriate exercise has many benefits during pregnancy beyond helping you sleep. If you are not doing any exercise it may be a good idea to discuss the topic with your doctor during your monthly visit this month.

Time to go shopping for bras!

Although you are at an awkward in-between stage, where your normal clothes are becoming uncomfortably tight yet you are not ready for pregnancy clothes, the one thing you should consider changing now is your bra. Breasts are one area where you will feel dramatic changes, probably from very early on in your pregnancy. The shape and colour of your nipples may change. Your breasts may be larger and more sensitive. Make the effort to have a proper bra fitting by a qualified assistant and you will be rewarded by the comfort of a good bra. If you buy a well fitting bra now, with wide straps to prevent shoulder discomfort, this support may not only well decrease your chances of getting stretch marks in this area, but also help the area cope with the extra stress it is under and thus reduce the chances of sagging.

Shopping – this time maternity clothes!

You are probably starting to think about maternity clothes and can have a lot of fun with the range and styles that are now available. You will invariably be feeling the heat more as your metabolism and blood volume have both increased. (Can you believe this may also account for the fact that mosquitoes are more attracted to pregnant women!) Do buy loose fitting clothes in natural fibres! Don’t splash out too much as your shape is changing so fast. Also the pregnancy is not long and afterwards you will probably not want to wear those clothes again.

Lose a tooth for every baby? No way!

The fact is that all gum disease is preventable by good hygiene, so the old wives tale is really not valid here. It is vital to take care of your teeth as serious gum disease enhances the risk of a premature birth or low weight baby. Your gums will be more prone to bleeding, so if it’s a problem for you, you should not hesitate to visit the dentist and sort the situation out now.

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