Learning to manage Gestational Diabetes

My doctor has recommended a period of hospitalisation after diagnosing me with gestational diabetes. I am really very healthy, and I have a toddler, so going to the hospital is an incredibly complicated thing for me to organise, and seems unnecessary to be honest. Surely I could learn to manage this situation as an outpatient? Would I be out of line to dig my heels in here?

Start with the assumption that your doctor really has your best interests at heart. He knows that you do not feel unwell and that you have a small child. These may be the exact factors that lead him to have you admitted. As the mother of a small child, you do not have much time for yourself, and because you do not feel unwell, it could be easy for you to push your own needs aside.

If you follow your doctor’s suggestions and take this time for yourself, you will have the time, energy, and support to really get a grip on this situation properly from the start. Learn what works for you, and take the time to learn how you feel when your blood sugar is at different levels. This kind of self-knowledge can be vital in managing your sugar levels in the rush of everyday life. During your hospital stay, you will have the time and opportunity to learn to manage your sugar levels in a very precise way. This will take effort and concentration, but once you have mastered it, the prospects for a healthy pregnancy and baby are excellent. Think hard about how difficult the alternatives will be if you don’t take your doctor’s advice.

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