How to install a baby car seat

Is it better to get a seat that is permanently bolted into the car, or the one that uses the seat belt to keep it steady? How do I know that the seat is safely installed?

Both the seat that is bolted to the car and the seat that uses the seat belt are safe if properly installed. You need to read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully and make sure that you follow them properly. Once installed, the seat should not wobble in any direction at all. It should be very steady if you push it in any direction. With rear facing seats it is important to check that the seat is not able to topple backwards.

If you need to take the car seat out of the car on a regular basis then it is better to have the type of seat that uses the seat belt. In this case it is easy to remove, but you need to be vigilant that you install it properly every time. If the car seat is bolted permanently into the car, you should still not be complacent. Make sure you check it regularly.

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