South African law regarding child car seats

Wouldn’t my baby be perfectly safe if I sit in the back of the car with him in my arms? My husband is a really careful driver and it feels safe to me.

This is the reality: At 50 km/hr the force of an accident is the same as falling from a third storey window. The chances are excellent that you would be unable to hold onto the baby, who could be flung through the window. If you visit any emergency room they will tell you that this is not an alarmist statement. This is fact. No matter how carefully you drive, you cannot control the behaviour of other motorists, and even swerving or braking to avoid an incident could endanger the life of an unrestrained baby. It is just not worth the risk. Your baby is incredibly precious to you and must ALWAYS be restrained when you go out in the car. Do not be tempted to think it is ok to carry the baby if the trip is short – the majority of accidents happened within a few kilometers from home. The statistics show that in countries like UK, more children are killed in car accidents than by childhood illnesses.

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