Baby car seat behind driver or passenger

I travel a lot in the car with my new baby, so I have the car seat in the front so that I can keep an eye on her and also she is close by to give her bottles and toys to keep her happy. However, someone commented the other day that it is not safe to have the baby in the front. Is that true?

If your car has air bags then you should definitely not have the baby on the front seat at all. This is due to the force that the air bags will exert on the seat should they be activated. If the car does not have air bags, then you can carry a car seat in the front, preferably facing towards the rear. For the first year a rear facing seat is the safest because babies this young do not have very strong necks. Put the front seat as far back as possible to give your baby as much clearance as possible in the case of an accident.

The back of the car is the safest place for a car seat. In fact, to be more specific, in the middle at the back is the safest place. You can deploy a cunning set of mirrors so that you still see your baby. Handing things to her may be more tricky. You may have break to journey up somewhat.

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