Bottle Feeding – Reducing the mother’s milk supply

I have managed to introduce two formula feeds a day and baby is thriving. However I just have too much milk and am uncomfortable all the time. Any ideas to alleviate the situation?

You may well find that you need to express some milk to reduce the discomfort of your swollen breasts. You should do this around the time you would have normally fed, and only for as long as necessary. Express just enough to reduce discomfort and also reduce the risk of clogged milk ducts. Breast milk is easily frozen, so you can choose to keep it well frozen for up to three months. Your body needs to learn that less milk is required at that particular time of day. If you were giving up breastfeeding altogether, you could take medication to reduce your milk, but since you want to continue to feed the rest of the time, this would not be wise in this situation.

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