Bottle Feeding – Choice of Teat

My baby is a slow feeder and tends to be overwhelmed by the speed at which the milk comes from the teat. Is there anything I can do to help reduce the flow from the bottle?

In addition to selecting the correct formula, success at bottle-feeding can be greatly assisted by sourcing a teat which suits your baby’s feeding style. For very many babies the fast flow of milk from a teat means a fast and easy feed and they are completely contented. For other babies the choice of a teat which controls the flow is beneficial to the feeding process, reducing colic and wind because at the slow rate there is less turbulence and gulping of air, and allowing the baby to really suck for the milk as baby would in breastfeeding.

The teat should be broad enough at the base that baby can get a good seal around it as opposed to sucking the end. If your baby has a dummy, a teat with a similar shape might be a good place to start. A vented teat makes drinking easier for the baby as a vaccum does not form in the bottle. To facilitate mixing of the milk with the digestive enzymes found in the mouth, it is preferable to choose a teat with a hole set back from the tip. Since like most things, the fashions regarding teats come and go, it is best to consult a trained person, perhaps at your local pharmacy, to discuss the options available and match them to the needs of your baby.

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