Breech baby – Turning to head down

I am five months pregnant and my ultrasound scan showed that the baby is lying in the breech position. What are the chances that the baby will turn before the birth?

It is extremely common for babies to lie in the breech position during pregnancy but by far the vast majority of babies will turn into the head down position before 32 weeks. Thus the chances of a breech birth are increased if the baby is premature. Despite the fact that there appears to be a lack of space, there are documented cases of babies turning into the head down position during labour. For this reason some doctors may, if all other circumstances are conducive, allow a trial of labour for a woman who goes into labour with a baby who is lying in the breech position.

In your case there is still plenty of time and space for the baby to turn so there is no reason to be concerned yet. You can be sure that your doctor will be monitoring the situation closely.

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