Breech baby – Labour

If my doctor allows me a trial of labour with my breech baby, then what criteria will she use to decide whether I can continue with the labour, or remove the baby by caesarean?

If you fulfill all the requirements for a trail of labour with a breech baby, then you and your baby will be monitored very closely and the facilities for an emergency caesarean will be ready. The doctor will require the labour to proceed fairly rapidly and smoothly, with continual dilating of the cervix and progress of the baby in the birth canal. Your doctor may recommend a routine episiotomy in order to facilitate any intervention you may require and to speed the process up later. You will be required to labour hard, and to accept that any problems that arise may result in a speedy caesarean. Your doctor may advise that you have an epidural during the latter part of the labour to help relax your pelvis and prevent very strong pushing which could cause problems with the cord. She may want to use forceps to support the head as it emerges. There are a variety of interventions that could be used to assist in the birth process, and you need to have faith in your doctor that she will use every means at her disposal, including caesarean section, to make sure that you have a healthy baby at the end of the birth process.

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