Is a caeserean safe for my baby?

I have struggled with my blood pressure through my whole pregnancy and my doctor is concerned about the delivery. He wants me to prepare myself for a surgical option. When I questioned him about safety he was quite irritable with me. Is he telling me the truth? Is it safe?

Caesarean section is considered to be a safe procedure. In fact, it is useful to know that in your situation, should your blood pressure be a problem at the time of labour, surgery is a far safer option for you and your baby than vaginal delivery. A high blood pressure at the time of delivery can endanger both your life and that of your baby. So your doctor is choosing the safest option for you. In medical terms, although this procedure is major abdominal surgery, it is considered safe. The best thing for you to do is to be as knowledgeable as possible about the procedure. Read up. Do not be put off by your doctor’s attitude – have specific questions for him when you go for appointments. Alternatively, attend a session at your local clinic on surgical delivery. Ask questions of your clinic nurse. Having knowledge of the procedure will make you feel more confident. Remind yourself constantly that a healthy baby is the best outcome, and if surgery is the way to achieve that option, then be grateful that that option is open to you. Because your caesarean is planned, you should be able to have an epidural should you prefer that, in which case you will be awake for the procedure and be able to see your baby straight away. You have time to plan, and to ask your doctor if you can hold and even nurse your baby immediately after delivery. For planned surgery, many hospitals allow the partner to be present at the birth. You also need to do your homework with regard to recovery. Since this is abdominal surgery, you will need to be very careful about the way you lift things, so as to avoid straining the muscles as they heal. You will need to rest and may have to wait a few weeks before driving your car. Knowing what to expect from a recovery perspective is helpful. Remember that although you have some say in the events of the birth day, your safety is in the hands of your doctor. You are within your rights to obtain a second opinion, but remember that blood pressure problems are a valid reason for surgical delivery. If you were careful in your selection of a doctor that you trusted early on, then this may be where you rely on that trust and accept the decision.

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