Colic treatment for babies

Is there a treatment for colic?

There is no single medicine or proven cure for colic, but there are several measures that may help. Different babies are comforted by different measures, and parents usually need to try various methods to see what works.

Parents who bottle-feed their babies may want to try a different formula. For parents who breastfeed, it’s a good idea to continue this because weaning the baby from breast milk may make colic worse.

Some women find certain foods in their diet seem to make colic worse and therefore they avoid the offending foods.

To soothe colicky babies, the following techniques may be helpful:

– carry baby in a front sling or back pack
– wrap baby snugly in a blanket
– keep baby moving in a baby swing
– place baby near the continuous sound or vibrations of household appliances i.e dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washer-dryer or radio
– take baby for a car ride or a walk outside
– provide a dummy
– massage back or tummy
– take a bath together
– the warm water may be comforting

Medicines are not used to treat colic. However, medicines may help to relieve abdominal symptoms. It may be worth trying “colic drops” or “gripe water”, which are available without a prescription. Medication is available to relieve trapped wind. Speak to your doctor.

Having a colicky baby can be stressful, frustrating and challenging for any parent, particularly if it is the first child. Babies may pick up on anxiety around them, and this may make colic worse. It is important for parents to have support and take a break, even for an hour or two.

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