I was having success weaning my baby and we were down to just a small drink in the morning and evening. Then she got a cold, and now she is wanting to feed all the time. It is driving me crazy, and is also physically hard (I thought my days of cracked nipples were over!) What is the best approach?

There are quite a variety of things that can cause the baby to regress and want the breast again. Teething is a big culprit, and so is sickness as you discovered. Even upheavals like going on holiday can make a baby insecure and want comfort. The best policy, if it is physically possible, is not to fight this. Giving an insecure baby what she needs is the way to making her secure again. Once she has settled down and is not so demanding, you will have to start the weaning process again. +27 (0)81 885 4683 

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