Very short feeds

Although my baby does take some solids, she gets tired and fed up very quickly at meal times. I would like to get her to persevere so that she eats a bit more than a few mouthfuls. How do I go about this?

It is vital that you don’t make meal times into a tough experience. Let baby set the pace, and be happy to stop the meal as soon as she indicates that she has had enough. Don’t forget how tiny your baby is, and how many new skills she is trying to learn. If you make the meal a short and gentle experience, then she will naturally get a little more stamina as time passes, and start to eat a significant amount of food.

One of the problems that we face as adults is the need for achievement. It may seem that taking into consideration the amount of preparation that goes into every meal, the fact that the actual meal only lasts a few minutes, spells failure. This could not be further from the truth. Every time that baby has even one tiny mouthful of solids is a big success for both of you. Enjoy what she IS achieving and stop worrying about what she is not. She is doing her best, and progressing at a rate that is perfect for her. All she needs from you is the acceptance of that fact. +27 (0)81 885 4683 

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