Toddler stuttering

My son has started to stutter. Should I worry?

It’s common for a toddler to stutter because vocabulary is not fully developed. Be patient if your child stutters. Toddlers tend to repeat sounds and words. Stuttering often happens when a child is upset, excited, tired or when pressured to ask or answer questions. Give your son the opportunity to talk slowly while you listen attentively and also try not to interrupt. Try to understand what he is saying to avoid him from becoming frustrated. Let him express himself freely without giving any body cues. If his stuttering persists or he is showing physical tension or he is reluctant to speak because of the problem, ask your child’s doctor about a speech therapist. +27 (0)81 885 4683

*Important : The information provided is for information purposes only. No medical diagnosis or prescription can be inferred or is implied. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

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