Potty training hygiene, teaching how to wipe

My toddler wants to wipe herself and she never gets to be clean enough. Any suggestions?

Show her the right way to wipe using a doll and a little porridge or jelly. Show her that she must keep wiping until the toilet paper comes up clean. And remember to teach her to wipe from front to back; it will protect her against urinary tract infection which can sometimes plague a young girl for life. It will take some years before your toddler gets the hang of really good wiping, so you might ask her if you could check afterwards… and really praise her for a good job .. can mommy do the last wipe with a wet wipe?

If she refuses to let you help her, don’t force the issue, a power hungry toddler might then decide to scrap the potty. You will then have to wait till bath time to get her clean. +27 (0)81 885 4683

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