Potty training, fear of flushing

My toddler is starting to use the toilet but is terrified when I flush away the contents. What’s going on?

This is a common problem and important to respect, or else your child might refuse to use the toilet. The upset is that he fears losing a piece of himself down the toilet. Firstly don’t force the issue, flush the toilet when he is out of the room and his mind is on something else. And then gradually get him desensitised to flushing.

1. Say and wave bye-bye to the poo together, and then leave the room.

2. Flush when he is out of the room, saying bye-bye poo so that he can hear.

3. When he is comfortable with step 2, cuddle him in the bathroom doorway, whilst daddy flushes… and all of you say bye-bye poo.

4. When step 3 is acceptable, cuddle him in your arms, as you flush bye-bye poo.

5. And when he is ready, let him flush the lever himself.

6. Of course when other family members use the toilet, loudly saying bye-bye poo before you flush will make flushing the toilet a commonplace event.

I think your house will be resounding with the sound of bye-bye poos for a while! +27 (0)81 885 4683 

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