Potty training boys

My son is quite good at using the potty sitting down. At what stage should I encourage him to stand up and pee

Don’t make this transition too soon, as it could cause confusion. However, he would already have seen that Daddy pees standing up, so it will be his call when he is ready. And it’s best to ask Daddy to teach him, as he is the man with the experience.

Do teach your son to hold his penis down to control the flow, and practice with targets in the potty. Shaving foam is fun, and so are coloured paper balls, flushable of course. And then the next step is a sturdy step stool up to the grown-up toilet. Help him to aim for the drain hole… or again try target practice. Also, you could get him a just-like-dad wall urinal. It sticks to the wall with suckers so can be placed and adjusted to the correct height that suits your boy. And the fun water wheel helps him to take pride in his aim!.

Patience, patience. And be generous with the praise. It will be a year or two before he masters this tricky transition without splashing everywhere but the right spot.

There is an old joke that no child ever entered university in nappies, and although it doesn’t feel like it, your child will eventually make this transition. Keep going, and good luck. +27 (0)81 885 4683

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