Toddler wanting to be carried

My toddler who can walk, suddenly wants to be carried everywhere. Not only is it hard on my back, but I’m concerned he’s becoming quite clingy.

Your toddler enjoyed the novelty of walking when he first started. Then the novelty wore off. Toddlers are sometimes uncertain about self-reliance and the separation this brings from mother, and this prompts them to reject the independence of walking.

To get your toddler walking

Make walking fun… “let’s step over the cracks” and “how many flowers can we see”
Plan extra time and don’t discourage him if something along the way draws his attention.

Let him feel responsible by asking for assistance when shopping by either carrying a light weight shopping bag or the grocery list.

Every now and then kneel down in front of him for a hug or words of praise… Part of the frustration with walking is being small when everything else around is big.

Make a deal… “You walk this bit, and I’ll carry you to that bit.”

Always try to make your toddler feel proud of his walking and make it a big achievement. +27 (0)81 885 4683

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