Travel sickness

My family is planning a reunion, and it’s a four hour drive to get to the resort. My three month old baby has never spent much time in the car, other than quick trips to the shops or clinic. Since I am very prone to travel sickness I was wondering if my baby will also suffer from it, and what I should do about it.

The key to understanding any sickness is to understand the underlying factors that contribute to the cause, in this case motion sickness.Young babies can suffer from motion sickness, very distressing for both baby and for mom. The experts are divided as to whether it’s hereditary or not.

Nausea results in about 33% of people, when the brain receives different messages from the inner ear (sensing motion, acceleration and /or gravity), the eyes (vision), and the deeper tissues of the body surface. Experts are still divided as to whether it’s hereditary or not.

Early detection signs of motion sickness
Yawning restlessness
Producing lots of saliva or dribbling

Prevention methods
Travel during baby’s naptime

  • Drive smoothly at an even speed, avoid swaying, braking profusely.
  • Fresh air helps; open a window or air vents to allow air to flow through the car . No smoking or strong smells!.
  • Play a game to get baby to focus outside the car on the horizon far away – avoid the time that. your baby spends looking down into her lap. (This will help you too if you’re prone to car sickness).
  • To settle the stomach, let your infant munch on a dry cracker.

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