Reasons for snoring during pregnancy

Suddenly I am snoring, why?
It is not unusual for pregnant women to start with snoring abruptly. Most of them snore for the first time while others did it before occasionally, but they didn’t realize it. Very often the reason for these unpleasant and annoying noises is sleep apnea. This describes a breathing pause of up to 20 seconds, where you wake up briefly gasping or snoring for breath and can’t remember in the morning. Especially in pregnant women it is important to get enough air, since they are breathing for two, so it is just a security function of your body. Sleep apnea and also other snore problems could be caused by the extra weight pregnancy brings. The woman has to make sure that she is not gaining too much weight. This is just one more reason to keep your weight gain within healthy limits. +27 (0)81 885 4683

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