Cat issues during pregnancy

I have heard stories about the family cat smothering a baby. Is this just an urban legend?

Cats also feel the changes that the new baby brings and can also display jealousy. They are much more difficult to train than a dog. However the problem is more that a cat loves something warm to snuggle up to and what better than a lovely snug baby. In extremely rare occasions cats have smothered babies in this way. For this reason you need to be alert when the baby is asleep and make sure the cat does not go into the baby’s room. If this proves impossible there are very efficient nets on the market which make it pretty much impossible for the cat to get into the cot.

Just as the dog requires reassurance that he is still loved, it is important not to completely sideline the cat. Make sure that you make a little time to give the cat attention, or ask your partner to be extra kind to the cat. The bit of reassurance may be all that’s required for everyone to settle down to the new family! +27 (0)81 885 4683

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