Nappy Changing Etiquette

You may think that changing your baby’s nappy while out in public is no big deal, but many people are not happy to witness this baby custom.
That’s why it’s very important to ask yourself, “Who might be offended if I change my baby’s nappy right here, right now?” This may seem like a common sense thing to you, but you’d be surprised at how many parents are discourteous of others when it comes to changing their baby’s nappies while away from home. You should also consider the health implications for both your baby and those of others.

Parents have been seen changing their baby’s nappies on mall benches, park benches, library floors, and other very inappropriate places. Nappies are germy and that’s why you should always change your baby in the bathroom wherever possible when you’re away from home. Baby changing stations aren’t always sanitary, so it’s important to remember your changing mats, like Cherubs Care Mats – they are disposable changing mats that provide a clean, hygienic surface for care-free nappy changes. Give your baby a toy or something to hold onto so that they don’t touch the wall but also always remember to wash your and your baby’s hands after every nappy change.

If you’re at a friend or family member’s house, they probably won’t mind if you change your baby’s nappy on the floor or bed (as long as you have a change mat) but always ask first.

There will undoubtedly be times when you will have to make do in a less-than-ideal situation. Use your best judgment and be sanitary. If you’re in a pinch or if there is not a bathroom around, go to your car to change your baby or another safe-lit area away from large groups of people. Always carry disposable hand wipes in case there is nowhere that you can wash your hands – we suggest Cherubs Kiddies Wipes, affectionately known as ‘Sticky Fingers’, they are alcohol-free and moisturised for gentle yet thorough cleansing.

What to do with the dirty nappy… Well, obviously if your baby wears cloth nappies you’ll need to contain the wet nappy in a plastic bag to take home. Disposables should first be placed in a nappy sack before being thrown in the garbage bin. Nappy sacks are a hygienic and fragrant way to dispose of soiled nappies. Try Cherubs Perfumed Nappy Sacks – they seal in wetness and bacteria, neutralise odours, and makes visiting or travelling with baby a pleasure.

Why practice nappy etiquette?
The bulk of germs are hiding where you least suspect – playground equipment, the phone receiver, ATMs, and elevator buttons. People have a false sense of security when it comes to germs. 80% of infections are spread by hand. The solution is proper hand hygiene. In public places, playground equipment, escalator handrails, shopping trolley handles, picnic tables, and Port-A-Potties are top germ carriers.

Practicing nappy etiquette is just common courtesy. It assures that you won’t offend others and most importantly that you don’t spread germs!

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