Baby names: Gender-neutral name trend

I’d like to choose a gender-neutral name for my baby as I don’t want my child to be gender-defined by her name later in life. Can you help with some ideas?

Gender-neutral names have become quite fashionable for the reason that you mention, and also because some people choose not to know the sex of their baby before birth.

Celebrities are setting the bar and contributing to the gender-neutral baby trend by giving girls traditionally male names, such as James (Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds), Lincoln (Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard) and Mason (Sara Gilbert/Linda Perry). More recently, Caitlyn Jenner has raised the profile of transgender people and transgender rights.

If you would like to take this direction, here are some name ideas:

Adrian – Black / dark / of the Adriatic
Albie– Brilliant; bright
Alex – Protector of mankind
Amari– Strength
Andy – Brave; manly
Ari – Eagle / visible and clear
Avery – Wise / ruling with elf-wisdom / counsellor
Azariah – God helps
Bailey – Bailiff, steward
Blake – Light / dark
Brooklyn – Water, stream
Cameron – Bent nose
Casey – Brave
Charlie – Free man
Cory – Round hill
Dale – Lives in the valley
Danny – God is my judge
Dara – Star/ compassion or pearl of wisdom / wealthy
Drew – Wise
Easton – From East town
Elliot – God on high
Finley – Fair-haired warrior
Frankie – Free / honest
Gabriel – Strength from God
Gray – Gray
Harper – Harp player
Hayden – Hay valley or hay hill
Jamie – Supplant
Jessie – Wealthy
Jordan – Descend or flow down
Joss – The merry one
Jude – Praise
Kai – Sea / forgiveness / willow tree / food
Karter – Cart driver, cart maker
Kennedy – Helmed head
Lennon – Little cloak
Logan – Dweller at a little hollow
London – Fierce
Mackenzie – Child of the wise leader / born of fire
Max – Great spring
Micah – Poor, humble
Morgan – Bright sea
North – North
Olivier – Olive (symbol of peace); peaceful
Owen – Young warrior
Parker – Keeper of the forest; forest ranger
Peyton – Regal / noble
Phoenix – Phoenix / deep red
Quinn – Wise
Reagan – Little ruler
Reese – Ardent / fiery
Riley – Valiant, meadow.
River – River
Rory – Famous ruler
Ryan – Kingly
Sam – Sun child; bright sun
Skylar – Protection/shelter
Sydney – Wide meadow or island
Tatum – Brings joy.
Taylor – To cut
Teagan – Good-looking.
Tyler – Maker of bricks or tiles

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