Placenta abruption

Why did my sister have to have an emergency caesarian when she was diagnosed with placenta abruption?

This condition means that the placenta has, for whatever reason, torn away from the walls of the uterus. Thus the baby is no longer receiving any nourishment or oxygen and the mother may be haemorrhaging. Under these conditions the baby needs to be delivered as quickly as possible. This generally means an emergency caesarian unless conditions allow for a quick vaginal delivery.

If it occurs, the pregnant woman will usually be in her usually be in her final trimester, and often it will not be her first pregnancy. Poor nutrition predisposes a pregnant woman to this problem.

It is possible for placenta abruptio to occur without any external bleeding. This occurs because the blood may be trapped in the uterus and vagina. The patient will still show the signs of classic shock – such as pale, damp skin or dizziness. For this reason a pregnant woman should be carefully watched after any incident such as a fall. This is certainly a case for the emergency room.

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