Common Problems with Baby Feet

My baby has such fat and puffy feet and almost no arch at all. Will this correct itself?

It is not unusual for baby to have slightly strange looking feet, and it most cases your child will grow up with perfectly normal feet, complete with arches. However if you are really worried, it may be worth the cost of a trip to a podiatrist to reassure yourself that all is well. Then if there is a problem, this can be addressed as early as possible and you can get expert advice.

Meanwhile there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure that your baby’s feet have every chance of growing up normal and strong. You have made the first correct move by being aware of the appearance of your baby’s feet, and monitoring any changes. It is really important that baby have time every day to kick the legs so that they can grow strong. Even if the weather necessitates the wearing of restrictive clothing, make sure that you allow the baby some time in a warm environment to exercise without those restrictions. Before and after bath is an ideal time, but make sure that baby is warm enough.

Sometimes babies grow so fast, or have a sudden growth spurt so their clothing gets tight without you noticing. This is especially true of babygros, which seem to fit baby one day, and then are too short the next. Keep a close eye on the fit of clothes. Babygros which are too short pull the baby’s foot up in a very bad way. Likewise if you put baby in socks and shoes, as well as booties, check the fit carefully every time you put baby into them.

Some parents are in a rush to encourage baby to walk, and try to make baby bear weight on the legs before baby’s muscles are ready. This can have an adverse effect on both the legs and feet. So don’t be in a rush , rather take the cue from baby and only encourage the baby to take weight on the legs when the baby shows enthusiasm. Having said this, some babies love to push up on their legs from an early age. In this case it can be beneficial to let baby push up on various surfaces such as sand and grass. All these types of activities are very beneficial for the development of the baby.

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*Important : The information provided is for information purposes only. No medical diagnosis or prescription can be inferred or is implied. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

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