Signs of a concussion in a baby

I feel so, so bad because I left my baby on the bed for just one minute while I fetched something, and he rolled off. He bumped his head on the floor and now he has a big red egg. Should I call the doctor?

Firstly, this is something that happens to even the most careful parents, because babies are changing and developing so fast that we get caught unawares all the time. Now that baby is a skilled roller, you will never again be able to leave him alone on the bed, even for a minute! Getting into the habit of putting a cushion on the edge of the bed when you put him down can be helpful.

Firstly, watch the bump. If it carries on swelling or is soft, then you should get help. Also blood in the lump is a bad sign. Although vomiting after a bump is normal, it is not normal for the baby to carry on vomiting or to seem disorientated or want to go to sleep immediately. This can be confusing because all the crying and trauma can exhaust a baby. Also if the bump occurred just before baby’s normal sleep time, this could account for the tiredness.

Babys’ heads are constructed so that impact is absorbed by the large amount of fluid around the brain, and also by the softness of the unfused bones. The way they fall also means that usually they do not take all the impact on their heads.

You will need to watch baby carefully for the next few days and make sure that he can do all the things he could do before the accident. However, if apart from the egg and some crying, your baby carries on as normal, then there is probably no cause for worry. Still, if you have any doubt at all, a visit to the doctor could be a wise precaution.

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*Important : The information provided is for information purposes only. No medical diagnosis or prescription can be inferred or is implied. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

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