Advantages of having an au pair

In the past South African children were often left with domestic workers, who due to their lack of education could not appropriately stimulate, educate or assist with homework. Today’s parents recognize that they need to, from a very young age, give their children the kind of education, stimulation and opportunities that will either keep them on par with others of their age, or better still, give them confidence and advantages as individuals in the ever increasing competitive society and world.

Their expectations and desires for their children and themselves are different to those of our parents. Increasingly, with the necessity of both parents working, families do not only need support for their young ones but are finding that their children are being disadvantaged by being left in the care of a domestic worker or at an aftercare facility.
South Africans have come to realize that quality childcare is a necessity so that parents can work to support their families, keep them safe and provide a future.

Parents are seeking the kind of childcare that they themselves would give if they were able to be at home with their little ones. A Baby Specialist or Au Pair whose sole purpose is taking responsibility for the day to day needs of the baby (children) fills that role for the mother until she returns to take up her position as primary care giver in their home.

The au pair plays a giving role comprising of loving individual attention and stimulation. She creates a routine and structure focused around the child and his /her age appropriate development along with fun, laughter and the ‘showing the world’. The au pair sees to everything involved in the total care of the children. This being so that the parents on returning home can give quality loving to their settled happier children without being burdened with lists of chores.

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